research assistant (postdoc) in primary aldosteronism (m/f)

Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik - SFB 1114: Skalenkaskaden in komplexen Systemen
research assistant (postdoc)
full-time job, limited to 30.06.2018, Entgeltgruppe 13 TV-L FU
reference code: SFB1114-2017-C03
The interdisciplinary Collaborative Research Center SFB 1114 „Scaling Cascades in Complex Systems - Across-Scale Modelling and Simulation Paradigms“ seeks appli-
cations for a post-doc position (full-time, 100%) from talented and highly motivated
candidates committed to basic research. The fixed term contract starts as soon as possible and is initially limited to 30/06/2018, which is the end of the first funding period of SFB 1114. The salary is according to the German payscale E13 TV-L FU. SFB 1114 aims at methodological developments for the modelling and computational simulation of complex processes involving many interacting scales, driven by real-life applications from the bio-, geo-, and material sciences. In its individual projects, mathematicians cooperate with colleagues from the natural sciences to advance both their modelling capabilities and their insight into concrete multiscale phenomena.
Job description: As a passionate scientist you will study the anomalous kinetics of an enzyme-catalysed reaction in the crowded environment of the Lorentz model, as a minimal model for biochemical reactions inside cells. You will design, implement, and carry out largescale simulations of the reaction-diffusion dynamics. In a possible extension of the project, you will develop a multi-scale description of the observed phenomena using, e.g., critical scaling theory, spatio-temporal chemical master equations, and effective medium theory.
Requirements: The task requires you to hold a doctorate in theoretical physics or a related field.
Desirable: You have a strong background in statistical physics, substantiated by publications of high quality. Ideally, you bring expertise in reaction-diffusion processes and high-performance computing with an aptitude for software development, modern C++, and scripting. You are a team player and a good communicator with hands-on mentality and have command of written and spoken English.
All applications quoting the reference code should be addressed no later than
May 8th, 2017 to
Freie Universität Berlin
Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik
SFB 1114: Skalenkaskaden in komplexen Systemen
Herrn Prof. Dr. Felix Höfling
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14195 Berlin (Dahlem)
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